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Waterproofing by Flat Roof Experts – Woodbridge

For any residents in the Woodbridge, Canada section searching for leaky basement repair cost, we can help. We offer the most competitive prices and the best waterproofing techniques on the market. Using the latest technology and equipment, Flat Roof Experts has become the leader in the basement waterproofing industry. Every one of our staff member is courteous, friendly and professional, ready and eager to help. Plus, our leaking basement repair technicians have decades of experience. They are also certified and fully prepared to tackle any problems caused by leaky basements.

There are many things that separate and distinguish Flat Roof Experts from similar Canada waterproofers out there. For one, we have hundreds of positive testimonials and reviews from previous clients. We also receive five star ratings based on the work performed in foundations and basements all over the Toronto area. In addition, we offer comprehensive pricing that is unmatched and competitive. Moreover, the process we use to perform the basement leak repair waterproofing is the best on the market. There is no need for excavating in your basement in order to apply our sealer. Instead, we use a new an environmentally friendly process called NTP-100. The sealer, is not only non-toxic, it is also VOC free as well.

Most residents looking for waterproofing cost per square foot often wonder why the prices are so high. One of the reasons other companies charge so much is due to the old and costly techniques they use. But at Flat Roof Experts, we use a patented pitch/ polymer formulation that is cost-effective and easy to apply. It also does not require much hassle and can be brushed, sprayed or rolled fast and easy into any surface in your basement.

The powerful sealant creates a rubberized elastomeric coating that protects against chemicals and mold. No matter what surfaces you have – wood, foam, ceramics, metal or concrete – the NTP-100 adheres to any of them easily and strongly. Once applied, the sealer enhances the strength of the substrate. It is then able to withstand any movement or tension against it. Call or visit Flat Roof Experts today for a leaky basement waterproofing estimate.

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