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Waterproofing by Flat Roof Experts – Vaughan

When it comes to dependability, quality and pricing, Flat Roof Experts is the best choice for all who need waterproofing in Toronto. We cover any basement waterproofing issues in Vaughan, Canada and all other areas as well. For years, our team of expert waterproofing technicians have been providing five star, top rated services. We only use the best method for sealing your leaking basement problems.

The sealer we use has unmatched adhesion capabilities and is VOC free. The non-toxic multi-application product also makes coating your basement a cinch. Other older methods required excavation of your basement. But there is no digging needed with our technique. That’s because the elastomer coating is water based and capable of curing any surface it is applied to.

Protecting your basement from the stress and movements often caused by the substrate is essential. The NTP-100 sealer does that and more. Since it can easily and strongly bond with any surface it comes in contact with, the sealing capabilities are incomparable and unequaled. It is also able to adhere strongly to either wood, foam, concrete, ceramics, steel, metal or most other surfaces. The efficiency of the sealer is so powerful that it even protects against chemicals or other harmful agents. The NTP-100 comes with twenty five years of manufacturer’s warranty and with food grade certificate. Don’t take chances with mold growth or other harmful fungi. Our sealer halts both the rust and mold in its tracks and protects metal studs as well as wood.

So if you have a leaky basement or need any basement leak repair in the Vaughan, Canada section, give us a call. We have already successfully serviced hundreds of clients all over Canada. Our dependability and expertise has made us one of the top rated waterproofing companies in Canada today.

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