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Waterproofing by Flat Roof Experts – Richmond Hill

There are several types of basement waterproofing methods for property owners to use to protect their land. Flat Roof Experts has one of the best leaky basement sealers on the market today. For any basement waterproofing needs that RichmondHill, Canada residents require, they can call or visit us. Our company has years of expertise in the basement leak repair problems. However, unlike old conventional techniques still used by other companies, ours are of a higher standard. We use the NTP-100 sealer which is a patented formula with colour capability. This non-toxic sealer is also VOC free and easy to apply.

There countless of important reasons why you should protect your basement with waterproofing. Apart from protecting you and your family from mold growth, bacteria and other risks, it also makes your foundation stronger. Our sealer has the capacity to resist the movement and tension created by layers in the basement. The waterproofing sealer also has instant set high build effectiveness.

Unlike other methods, the NTP-100 can quickly and easily bond to most surfaces or material. Bonding strongly with either wood, ceramics, foam, metal or concrete is a cinch for the NTP-100 basement sealer. Plus, the application of the waterproofing product can be done promptly, effortlessly and safely.

The VOC free sealer can be applied by spray, roll or brush by our team of waterproofing experts. Another essential reason to use the patented formulated sealer is because of its strength against chemicals and other dangerous agents. That is why a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer is offered to every client. So if are in need of top rated Toronto basement waterproofing contractors, call or visit us today. Whether you are in the RichmondHill sector or other parts of Canada, we can help. With the best prices in town, professional staff at hand and 5 star ratings, Flat Roof Experts is the best choice.

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