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Waterproofing by Flat Roof Experts – Oakville

One of the questions people who require basement leak repair often ask is what is the best basement waterproofing system? That’s because there are several different types of basement waterproofing methods available. Flat Roof Experts uses one of the safest and most superior waterproofing sealing techniques available on the market today. There are several reasons why the multi-application product we use is far better than other old methods. For one, our sealer is VOC free, environmentally safe and non-toxic. The patented polymer/pitch formulation also offers unsurpassed adhesion characteristics.

Our Toronto based basement waterproofing experts use the NTP-100 sealer. Gone is the need that require digging or excavating in your basement in order to seal it. Instead, the elastomeric coating is applied quickly, safely and easily. It can be either brushed, rolled or sprayed. The powerful basement sealer adheres strongly to many backgrounds offering years of protection. Whether it is concrete, wood, foam, metal or ceramics, the bonding will be strong. In addition to easily adhering to other substrates, the VOC free sealer is also resistant to chemicals.

Our company has years of experience in delivering 5 star rated leaking basement results to the residents of Oakville, Canada. We also cover many other basement waterproofing needs all over the Toronto area. Don’t rely on costly, antiquated and unsafe waterproofing methods out there. Flat Roof Experts has the best basement sealer option with a 25 year manufacturer warranty. Don’t take chances with other Canada waterproofing companies that use environmentally unsafe techniques. Our process is resistant to the growth of mold and stops moisture and leaks. It also helps to protect both wood and metal studs from rust, mildew or fungi. And they offer antibacterial benefits and protection as well. This is why whenever residents in the Oakville section of Canada have a leaking basement problem, they visit or call us right away.

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