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Waterproofing by Flat Roof Experts – Mississauga

When it comes to stopping, repairing leaky basements or basement waterproofing assistance in Mississauga, Canada, Flat Roof Experts is the company people choose. We are considered the best in the waterproofing basement business for many reasons. Our prices are very competitive and we have certified and professional techs at the ready. In addition, our VOC free waterproofing method is unlike any other. The NTP-100 sealer process used by our experts is non-toxic. It also helps to protect the environment due to its formulation.

Most people in need of leaking basement repairs dread the old process that is often used by other companies. This involves digging and leads to making a huge mess. However, our basement waterproofing method has changed the way basements are sealed and protected from water, rust, mold and other hazards. The safe basement sealer process we use consist of a coloured, rubberized elastomeric coating. This patented formulation is not only VOC free, it is also non toxic. It is very easy to apply and it can be done very quickly, without any risks.

Our leaking basement coating method adheres to most substrates easily. This includes ceramics, concrete, wood, foam and metal. The powerful protective sealant is also resistant to chemicals and environmentally friendly. Protecting your basement foundation is exactly what our waterproofing technique is all about. Even the stress and movement created by the substrate is something our sealer withstands. Plus, the waterproofing process creates a continuous and seamless watertight membrane.

There are hundreds of satisfied clients who gives us 5 star reviews for our basement waterproofing work. We offer a 25 year manufacturer warranty on our sealer as well. That’s why when it comes to Toronto basement waterproofing contractors, we are rated number one. Call or visit us today to see why so many residents the Mississauga, Canada area in need of basement leak repair, rely on Flat Roof Experts.

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