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Waterproofing by Flat Roof Experts – Hamilton

Are you in the Hamilton, Canada area and in need of basement waterproofing assistance? If so, Flat Roof Experts has decades of experience, teams of certified professionals and the best prices. We use VOC free, non-toxic process which is standards above the old conventional methods. Our process protects you and your property from a leaking basement or other issues.

The waterproofing sealing process from our company is environmentally safe. In addition, the NTP-100 VOC free method is easier and faster to implement. There is no need for digging or some other antiquated form of waterproofing protection. Instead, our patented formulation is safe, fast and easy. It is resistant to chemicals and can withstand  the stress and movement created by the substrate.

Armed with a team of experts in basement leak repair, Flat Roof Experts has been providing 5 star quality waterproofing services for years. Residents in Hamilton and other areas in Canada, call and depend on us for their leaking basement repair needs. Our certified technicians apply the new HTP-100 safe basement sealer. This sealer is unlike conventional methods which does not protect against most hazards one may face. Our basement waterproofing process protects against mold growth. It also has antibacterial capabilities and stops moisture completely. Another plus that our basement waterproofing provides is that it stops rust and mold on metal studs and wood.

When it comes to protecting your property and your basement foundation, the waterproofing technique you use is extremely important. It is no wonder why so many citizens in the city of Hamilton, Canada in need of basement waterproofing, choose us. Our high quality work and positive reviews has made Flat Roof Experts one of the leading waterproofing companies in Canada. So if you need watertight seal, impact protection and the best basement waterproofing solution available, call or visit us today.

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