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Waterproofing by Flat Roof Experts – Brampton

Here at Flat Roof Experts we know and understand that one of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner or resident is a leaking basement or basement leaks. That’s why whenever residents of Brampton, Canada are in need of basement waterproofing, they call on us. We are one of the leading Canada waterproofing companies with years of experience. Best of all, we do not use the old and antiquated waterproofing process of the past. Our company uses the latest post blending technology procedure that is environmentally safe. We use the NTP-100 sealer which is non toxic and environmentally safe. It is also VOC free, yet able to adhere to most surfaces for super protection.

The reality is that leaks in a basement or flooding can have a domino effect on your property. From problems with basement foundation to numerous health hazards, the threats are many. Waterproofing your basement can protect you, your property and family from these risks. A leaking basement can lead to mold, mildew, water damage, foundation erosion and much more. Luckily, our company has years of experience in the underground waterproofing industry and knows exactly how to prevent and resolve these issues.

Unlike the old process of waterproofing basements which involves digging or ‘French drain’ drilling, ours does not. We use a modified asphalt emulsion coating process which is much more safer and durable. That’s why when it comes to basement waterproofing, our standards supersede traditional asphalt based methods.

The Flat Roof Experts process of waterproofing basements we use combines polymers and asphalt which modifies the physical properties. This method applies hot coatings or cold applied coatings, depending on the one you choose. Antiquated and environmentally unsafe procedures used by other companies cannot compare to ours. Flat Roof Experts offers longer lasting protection against corrosion, water damage and other hazards. So if you are searching for the best basement waterproofing company in Brampton, Canada, choose us. Our certified basement leak repair professionals have decades of experience. We offer competitive prices, 5 star rated services and expert waterproofing.

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