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Radon Gas – Radon Mitigation

Radon Gas Protection

Radon gas is a particularly dangerous substance we find in our air, water and soil. Because knowledge of it and detection of it is not overly common, it is even more important to set up a radon gas protection plan while educating yourself on it.

What is Radon?

While radon is a colorless and odorless gas found naturally in the environment, that does not mean you don’t need radon gas protection. Even though it comes about naturally due to the breakdown of uranium in soil and rock, it is still a known carcinogen and can cause extreme concern when found in high levels in your home.

What is Radon’s Health Hazard?

Because Radon gas can be breathed in, it is most known for causing lung cancer. People who smoke are at even greater risk of developing the disease when radon is present, but even non-smokers can develop it. Studies even show radon gas is the top cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers.


What is Radon Gas Doing in Your Home?

Now that you know the answer to what is radon, the next questions is what is radon doing in my home? Radon gets into your home through groundwater and through soil. Because the air pressure in the soil outside your home is typically higher than the pressure inside your home, your house becomes a sort of vacuum sucking in soil, including radon particles. This can build up over time and cause breathing problems and other lung issues that can be indicators of lung cancer and infections.

What is Radon Testing?

The only way to find out if you have radon in your home and to get radon gas protection is to test for it. While it’s possible to buy a home testing kit, the results can sometimes be confusing because radon levels can vary between seasons and even during different times of the day.

To get professional radon gas protection, contact Flat Roof Experts for all your radon management and testing needs. We want to put our decades of service to use for you and your household devising a comprehensive plan for radon gas protection.

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