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Radon Mitigation Woodbridge

More and more Canadians homes and citizens are being exposed to the dangerous radon gas. The natural, radioactive gas causes lung cancer and it’s responsible for over 58 deaths every day. Since radon gas is now found in more than 7% of homes in Canada, shielding yourself from it is crucial. Here at Flat Roof Experts, we offer a real affordable, safe and quick solution to radon gas exposure. Using the latest NTP-100 multi-application sealer, our team of certified radon gas specialist can protect you and your family right away. That’s why Woodbridge residents always rely on us for radon gas protection services.

Since radon gas forms naturally in soil and rock, it can be right under your home or nearby places without you being aware of its presence. Once it accumulates, it is then released via the natural breakdown of uranium. The radon gas then begins to leak and seep into your home, basement or other areas via the soil. Radon gas has no taste, odor or color which makes it even more dangerous to detect. Since most people have cracks in the floor slab, gaps in mortar, hollow support post and cracks in foundation walls, radon gas seeps in easily and quickly.

Our staff of radon gas technicians can quickly protect your home and shield your property with the powerful NTP-100 sealer. Since the powerful coating adheres strongly to most surfaces, it instantly creates a protective shield. The sealer is non-toxic, VOC free and environmentally friendly. In addition, it also serves as complete 100% barrier against not only radon gas, but mold and water as well.

If you want to protect your home or need radon gas removal in Woodbridge, Canada or any other section, give us a call or visit us. We are one of the most trusted and reliable radon gas removal companies in Toronto and entire Canada area.

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