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Radon Mitigation Vaughan

Citizens of Vaughan and other areas in Canada are facing a real threat called radon gas. More than seven percent of Canadian homes have now been exposed to high levels of the killer gas. Radon gas is a radioactive gas that seeps into homes via cracks in the soil. Resulting from a natural breakdown of uranium, radon gas amasses in rock and soil. One of the things that make it so deadly is that it is odorless, tasteless and colorless. It cannot be detected by human senses. And without testing, there is no way to tell if it is already in your home.

Canalseal has years of experience handling radon gas removal problems. Our team of experts use top of the line tools to apply a shielding sealer to protect you and your family from the killer gas. Since the elastomeric coating is coloured rubberized, it offers 100% gas barrier. It can also protect and shield your home from water, mold and other fungi.

Vaughan residents in need of radon gas removal, have always called on Flat Roof Experts to assist them. We have years of experience, competitive prices and have many positive reviews from previous clients. The NTP-100 sealer used by our experts requires no ventilation and it is VOC free. It can also act as a crack sealant in the concrete of your foundation.

The powerful sealer adheres to most surfaces forming a strong, protective bond and shield. Once we spray, brush or roll the certified radon gas shield sealer, all of your basement walls and floor will be completely protected. The environmentally safe sealer will also adhere to most surfaces including – wood, ceramics, concrete, metal and foam. So don’t wait or take chances with radon gas and give us a call or visit us today. Find out why we are the number one company in radon gas removal in Canada.

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