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Radon Mitigation Richmond Hill

Radon gas is found in over 7% of Canadians homes and the number continues to rise each day. The deadly radioactive gas claims the lives of more than 21,000 victims each year. If you live in the RichmonHill, Canada section or anywhere else, we can help with any radon gas removal problems you may have. But you may be wondering just how much does it cost to get rid of radon gas? The truth is that the method we use is relatively inexpensive and we have some of the most competitive prices around.

Here at Flat Roof Experts, we have years of experience in helping residents protect themselves from radon gas and other dangers. Unlike other companies, we use the patented rubberized elastomeric coating sealer NTP-100. Since it is VOC free, safe and easy to apply, we can resolve your radon gas problems in no time. The non-toxic sealer also requires no ventilation and serves as a 100% gas barrier. In addition, the safe basement or substrate sealer also works as a concrete crack sealant for your foundation.

Radon gas is a real health hazard which forms and accumulates naturally from the soil and rock. As it begins to amass, it then seeps into your home via cracks in your foundation, exposed soil, floor sumps and drains and many other places. The end result is your home or basement being exposed to the dangerous gas without you even knowing it. We can help you keep the radon gas out right away with our protective shielding sealer. Once we apply the defensive coating, it will coat and shield your entire basement or other areas instantly. In addition to protecting against radon gas, the sealer will also keep out water and mold as well.

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