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Radon Mitigation Oakville

Homeowners and residents in Oakville, Canada and all other areas are facing a real threat. The danger is lurking right under the soil of their own homes and nearby houses. We are referring to radon gas which killed more than 21,000 victims last year. The natural, colorless, odorless and tasteless gas cannot be recognized by any human senses. That helps to make it even more dangerous since you and your loved ones could already be exposed to it. Canalseal has been providing 5 star radon gas removal to the Oakville, Canada residents for years. All others areas in Canada have also counted on us to help them combat the threat of radon gas.

Since the radioactive radon gas accumulates in rock and soil naturally, it is found in almost 7% of all Canadian homes today. As the gas breaks down naturally from uranium, it begins to seep into nearby homes through the soil. Overtime, the levels of radon gas can end up being deadly. But there is a quick, easy and fast solution to the radon gas problem. Using the latest technology, we can quickly seal your home, basement or property from radon gas infiltration. The NTP-100 sealer is VOC free and completely non-toxic. Best of all, it is very affordable since the process is quick, safe and easy to apply.

One of the reasons so many people call on Flat Roof Experts to protect themselves from radon gas exposure is due to our dependability and experience. We have a team of radon gas removal experts at hand, all certified and ready to help. Our company is one of the highest rated in the Canada area when it comes to radon gas abatement. Remember, more than 58 people die every day from radon gas poisoning. Don’t wait until it is too late to seal and protect your home and family from radon gas.

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