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Radon Mitigation Mississauga

You would never let a killer walk right into your home would you? But chances are that is exactly what you may be doing with radon gas. More than 7% of homes in Canada have dangerous levels of radon gas. Every single day more than 58 people die from it. But just what is radon gas and how can you protect yourself from it? Radon gas is a natural, radioactive gas that forms in either rock or soil. It then seeps from the soil right into homes or nearby areas through cracks and holes.

For years, Flat Roof Experts has been helping homeowners and citizens of Mississauga, Canada combat radon gas problems. We have a team of experts who specialize in radon gas removal and protection. Best of all, the technique we use to protect and shield your home from radon gas is not that costly. Flat Roof Experts uses a non toxic, multi-application coating and sealer that covers most surfaces in your property. The NTP-100 sealer offers incredible adhesion characteristics which allow it to be applied on various surfaces.

The safe basement radon gas sealer is VOC free and requires no ventilation whatsoever. It also serves as concrete crack sealant for your home’s foundation. Radon gas is odorless, tasteless, colorless and cannot be detected by the senses. That makes it almost impossible for you to know if your home is already exposed to it. Since radon gas comes into your home by seeping through cracks and several other ways, vulnerability to it can come quickly. Before that happens, call or visit Flat Roof Experts to let us shield you and your property from radon gas toxicity. We are the leaders in radon gas removal in the Mississauga, Canada area.

Our team of radon gas removal specialist have years of experience and use a quick, safe and easy method to protect you. The sealer we apply is non toxic, environmentally safe and does not cost much to apply. Don’t wait until someone in your home is exposed and harmed by radon gas. If you live in Mississauga, Canada, or in another town, let Canalseal help you protect you and your loved ones against radon gas hazards today!

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