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Radon Mitigation Hamilton

Chances are that you may have a silent killer in your home or basement and you don’t even know about it. More than 58 people are dying every day from radon gas exposure or symptoms. Radon gas is a naturally formed radioactive gas that is spontaneously broken down from uranium. Radon gas gathers in both the soil and rock which may be right under your home’s foundation. Here at Flat Roof Experts, we offer radon gas protection to all of the residents of Hamilton, Canada. Our team of radon gas removal experts have years of experience. We use the latest equipment and have extensive knowledge on how to properly and correctly combat radon gas.

Using the NTP-100 radon gas shield seal, our crew of experienced radon gas abolishment experts help protect you right away. The basement radon gas sealer is VOC free and also works as a concrete foundation crack sealant. Plus, the radon gas shield seal is non toxic which means no ventilation is required. Unlike other expensive methods or techniques, the sealant we use is very affordable. It is also very fast and easy to apply and environmentally friendly.

There are some radon gas test kits available that some people use to find out the levels of radon gas in their homes. However, only certified radon gas specialist know exactly what to do to make sure you and your family are protected. Our long list of already satisfied clients grows every day as more and more people searching for radon gas removal companies choose us. Give us a call or visit us today to let us help you with any radon gas issues you may be having. The best way to combat radon gas is by letting our radon gas specialist do what we do best. The radon gas shield seal is exactly what you need to form a safeguard around your entire home.

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