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Radon Mitigation Guelph

If you live in Guelph, Canada, chances are that your home may be exposed to radon gas. In case you don’t know what radon gas is, the radioactive gas is responsible for more than 21,000 deaths last year alone. Worse of all, since radon gas cannot be detected by the human senses, it may be lurking in your basement or nearby areas already.

Radon gas is naturally formed as it accumulates in rock and soil and then naturally breaks down from uranium. The end result is the dangerous and lethal gas seeping right through the soil and into your home. Recent studies showed that more than seven percent of homes in Canada have high levels of radon gas inside them. Since radon gas is tasteless, odorless and colorless, you and your family may already be inhaling it without your knowledge or awareness.

Luckily, Flat Roof Experts has a team of experienced radon gas removal experts at the ready. Using the latest technology and equipment, they can assist you in the abatement of radon gas quickly and safely. Best of all, the method we use is not that expensive and we offer very competitive prices. Using the patented NTP-100 VOC free basement sealer, our crew can work really fast to protect your home. We can apply the rubberized elastomeric coating safely and easily without any ventilation required.

One of the reasons so many residents with radon gas problems in the Guelph, Canada section call on us, is because of our results. We deliver radon gas protection at an affordable price. And the non toxic sealer works 100% as a gas barrier to shield you from harmful gasses. So if you are in the Toronto area or anywhere in Canada, give us a call today. Let our radon gas removal specialist come into your home to kick the radon gas out for good.

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