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Radon Mitigation Brampton

Chances are that you and your family may be in danger from an unseen threat right in your own home. The dangerous gas which may be lurking in your basement or home is a radioactive gas called radon. Seeping from soil, radon gas can end up into homes and people will not even know about it. That’s because radon gas has no smell, color, odor or taste. It is almost impossible to detect unless a radon gas detector or equipment is used.

Flat Roof Experts has been helping the people of Brampton, Canada with radon gas detection and abatement for years. Our team of specialized technicians have the latest machinery to help detect radon gas volumes in your home and to shield you from it.

Radon gas is natural and it ends up accumulating in rock and soil that may be right under your home or surrounding area. According to statistics, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths. It is also estimated that more than 7% of homes in Canada already have dangerous high levels of radon gas. Luckily, there is a way to combat radon gas danger and protect yourself, your family and property from it. Here at Flat Roof Experts we offer radon gas protection to the residents of Brampton and all other areas in Canada. Using the proctetive NTP-100 waterproofing seal, our radon gas cleanup experts can help protect your basement or home. Best of all, it can be applied quick, easy and safely at a real affordable cost.

Radon gas can enter your home through various places such as gaps in your foundations, cracks on your walls on floor sumps and drains. It can also seep in through hollow support posts, gaps in mortar and even the joints in between the walls and floors. The NTP-100 sealer application can be easily sprayed, rolled or brushed on to any of these surfaces. Once applied, you and your loved ones will be protected from the radon gas dangers. Call or visit us today to find out how the top rated radon gas removal experts at Flat Roof Experts can help you.

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