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Radon Mitigation Barrie

Have you ever wondered or asked what is radon gas? If so, you are not alone. Radon gas is a radioactive gas and can be very dangerous. For Canadian residents, radon gas poses a real threat which is why many need radon gas abatement. Flat Roof Experts has been successfully removing radon gas from basements and houses for citizens in the Barrie section of Canada for years. We also help hundreds of other clients all over Toronto and other areas.

Because radon gas is formed naturally, it poses a real threat to people. That’s because it is almost impossible to detect. Radon gas has no color, taste or odor and cannot be detected by the senses. This is just one of the reasons why the radon gas protection provided by our team of experts is so crucial. We can help with not only its detection, but also its removal. Radon gas comes to be whenever uranium in rock, water or soil is broken down. Once it is released as a gas, it rises slowly from the ground. We have the best and latest equipment to help detect and abate radon gas. Our certified techs also know what it takes to make sure you are protected from the radon gas so wont pose a threat to you, your property and family.  We use the VOC free and non-toxic NTP-100 sealer to shield you and your family from radon gas.

During the winter time, radon gas concentration is much higher. Although radon gas may not cause problems out in the open, it can be really dangerous indoors. This is especially true if it is released in enclosed spaces such as a basement or a house. It is in these spaces where radon gas can intensify and increase in concentration. Once that happens, it becomes a serious health risk. Our radon gas removal experts have years of acquired knowledge in radon gas protection and removal. People in Barrie and other towns in Canada have been relying on us for radon gas abatement and protection for many years. Don’t take a chance and call us today for help in any radon gas removal issues you may be having.

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