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Welcome to Flat Roof Experts, Canada’s premiere provider of basement waterproofing Toronto and basement leak repair services.  Whether you want to prevent leaks or already have a leaking basement that needs repair, Flat Roof Experts can get your basement dry and keep it that way!

Our services also include radon gas protection and wood deck finishing. With these services, Flat Roof Experts can ensure that your home is not only safe but beautiful and protected from water damage and radon gas.

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Basement Leak Repair and Basement Waterproofing Toronto

While you might not see massive flooding, that doesn’t mean you’re not in need of basement leak repair. Other indicators like a musty odor, white chalky residue on the floor and wet walls or excessive condensation can all be signs of a leaking basement.  A leaking basement can also be identified by wet floors even when there hasn’t been a heavy rainfall, poor drainage, an improperly functioning sump pump and mildew growth.

While the odor is likely the most unpleasant outward feature of a leaking basement, the presence of water in places where it shouldn’t be can and will lead to mold and a weakening of other structural supports. A leaking basement can lead to:

  • Foundation cracks

  • Foundation failure

  • Mildew and mold growth

  • Musty odor in the basement and from vents

  • A reduction in home value

  • Efflorescence-this is a chalky buildup that occurs on wet concrete in the basement which doesn’t look nice and is an indicator of water problems.

Basement Waterproofing Toronto

While Flat Roof Experts is capable of efficient, cost-effective basement leak repair, we know the best remedy is not have a leaking basement in the first place. This is why we specialize in basement waterproofing Toronto area homes. Our thorough methods allow us to expertly provide basement leak repair and then give recommendations on basement waterproofing Toronto homes and business.

If you suspect you have a leaking basement and require basement leak repair, contact Flat Roof Experts. Our trained professionals are experts in identifying leaking basement concerns and providing optimal basement leak repair along with basement waterproofing Toronto.

Because of all these leaking basement issues, basement leak repair is especially important. Additionally, because it can take years for these problems to make themselves known, it’s important to be vigilant in proper maintenance and basement waterproofing Toronto.

Wood Deck Finishing Toronto

Flat Roof Experts are deck finishing Toronto experts ready to provide deck coating, wood waterproofing and wood deck refinishing for your home. Our team can protect a new deck with wood waterproofing and bring an old deck back to life with our deck finishing Toronto services.

Deck Coating and Wood Waterproofing

Keep your deck looking nice with deck coating and regular maintenance. By using Flat Roof Experts’s deck coating and wood waterproofing options you can save yourself time and expense in the future by stopping problems before they start with your wood.

Deck Coating helps keep moisture from seeping into your deck’s wood which will cause cracks, splintering and weakening of the overall structure. Wood waterproofing along with deck coating are both good ways to not only make your deck look nicer but also safer since you will reduce issues like loose boards and gaps that can prove to be hazards.

Wood Deck Refinishing

If you have a home with a deck that is a bit beyond just needing a new coat, Flat Roof Experts provides full wood deck refinishing. Our deck finishing Toronto experts will expertly clean, scrub and apply multiple wood deck refinishing coats.

Flat Roof Experts is your expert, one-stop-shop for deck finishing Tornoto, wood waterproofing and deck coating. Whether you need regular wood waterproofing services or complete wood deck refinishing, our team is here to get your home’s deck ready to be enjoyed.

Contact us for your deck finishing Toronto area needs, radon gas protection services and basement leak repair.

Radon Gas Protection

Most of us are aware of the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, but what about radon gas? Like carbon monoxide, radon gas can be present in our homes without much warning.  Unlike carbon, though, it’s not talked about as frequently and can be even more dangerous and have more long-lasting effects. Flat Roof Experts makes the necessary task of radon gas protection easy with our testing kit and radon gas abatement services.

What is Radon?

Maybe you haven’t considered radon gas protection because you’re still asking what is radon? Simply, radon is a radioactive chemical element that occurs naturally in the environment when uranium is broken down from rocks and soil. Once released, radon can find its way into groundwater and seep into your home through the soil under your home. Ultimately the answer to what is radon, is “something you want out of your home.”

What is Radon Known to cause?

So, we know radon doesn’t sound good, but what is radon known to cause? Radon gas protection is especially important due to the ailments associated with radon gas poisoning. Most notably is lung cancer. Radon is a known carcinogen and it can be breathed in, making it a leading cause of the disease.

Being a smoker increases your risk of developing cancer from radon but it also cause issues in nonsmokers. Other lung problems such as difficulty breathing, persistent cough, wheezing and lung infections can also result from radon gas exposure and be indicators of lung cancer.

Signs of Radon Gas: Radon presence is not restricted to a single type of home, soil or geographic location. The age of your home also isn’t a true indicator of the gas since even new homes can have moderate to high levels.

Flat Roof Experts can provide radon gas protection and testing to keep you and your home safe. We perform the test, analyze results and will personalize a program to reduce the amount of radon  in your home.

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